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Established in 2020, Club Nautica Indonesia is a private engineering company dedicated to the pleasure and commercial aspects of the local and international Yacht industry. Founded by a seasoned technician with a decade of experience in global yacht and shipyard engineering, our Project Planning Engineer and Yacht surveyor bring high technical expertise to execute projects on yachts up to 70 meters.

Our Expertise

Club Nautica Indonesia stands out in the local yacht industry, specializing in Installation Manufactory and Equipment. We’ve forged strategic partnerships with industry leaders such as Thermowell Marine Air-conditioning, Planus Marine Toilet, Water Maker HP, Amregroup, Mase Generators, Tecnicomar, Italwinch, FNM Marine Diesel Engine and others.


  • Comprehensive 24/7 after-sales services for emergencies
  • High-class specifications prioritizing safety and value
  • Proactive maintenance planning and retro-fit evaluations
  • Experienced surveyors ensuring precision and attention to details.
  • Preventive Maintenance Software


Hub Yacht

Phinisi Construction and refit

The Retro-fit

Club Nautica Indonesia offer a maintenance planning free of charge and retro-fit evaluation,conducted by experienced surveyors, demonstrate a proactive approach to ensuring the longevity and efficiency of installed systems. This evaluation, coupled with the assessment of Bills of Quantity (BOQ) and Bills of Materials (BOM) needed for retro-fit projects, showcases a commitment to precision and attention to detail.

Club Nautica Indonesia’s dedication to providing safety and value for boats in the Phinisi yachting industry, coupled with its unique position in the Installation Manufactory and Equipment sector, makes it a standout player. The strong network of partnerships and the ability to offer a wide range of services contribute to establishing the company as a reliable and comprehensive solution provider for the local yacht industry.

The Construction

Club Nautica Indonesia stands out as a niche player in the local Phinisi yacht industry, focusing on the Installation Manufactory and Equipment sector.

The company’s strategic partnerships with reputable brands such as Thermowell marine air-conditioning, Planus Marine Toilet, Water Maker HP, Amregroup with Domotic installation and portholes, Mase marine generators, Sewage treatment Tecnicomar, Italwinch and Propulsion arrangement with Progetto Eliche and steering system arrangement contribute to its uniqueness in the M&E installation domain with notable strengths is its comprehensive after-sales services, available 24/7 to cover any emergencies. This commitment to customer support is a significant advantage in the Phinisi yachting industry, where unexpected issues can arise.

The emphasis on high-class specifications further ensures that the Phinisi yachting boat industry receives products and services that prioritize safety and add substantial value to the boats

Revitalize Your Speed Boat Experience
with Club Nautica Indonesia

Upgrade your speed boat or build new one with the new heights of performance and comfort with our specialized repowering/ powering services. At Club Nautica Indonesia, we bring you cutting-edge solutions featuring FNM Diesel marine engines, Mase Marine generators, and Thermowell Marine Air-conditioning.


FNM Diesel Marine Engines

Experience unmatched power, efficiency, and reliability with FNM Diesel marine engines. Our repowering service ensures your speed boat enjoys a seamless transition to higher performance levels, maximizing fuel efficiency and overall reliability. Trust us to enhance your vessel’s capabilities with state-of-the-art propulsion technology.


Mase Marine Generators

Reliable power is crucial for a smooth sailing experience. Our repowering solution includes the installation of Mase Marine generators, renowned for their durability and consistent performance. Enjoy the convenience of onboard electricity, whether you’re out at sea or anchored in a serene bay


Thermowell Marine Air-Conditioning

Escape the heat and humidity in style with Thermowell Marine Air-conditioning. Our repowering service integrates advanced cooling systems to ensure a comfortable and climate-controlled environment on your speed boat. Enhance your passengers’ experience with state-of-the-art air-conditioning technology.

Why Choose
Club Nautica Indonesia
for Repowering:

Expertise:Benefit from our extensive experience in marine engineering and powering projects.

High-Quality Components:We only use top-tier products, ensuring longevity and optimal performance.

Precision Installation:Our skilled technicians ensure a seamless integration of new components into your speed boat.

After-Sales Support:Count on us for ongoing support and maintenance to keep your vessel operating at its best.

Repowering Process

Discuss your specific requirements and preferences with our expert team.

Our technicians will evaluate the current state of your speed boat and recommend the most suitable repowering solution.

Tailor the repowering package to meet your vessel’s unique needs and budget.

Our skilled technicians will handle the installation process with precision and efficiency.

Thoroughly test the new components to ensure optimal functionality and performance.

Enjoy your revitalized speed boat, now equipped with state-of-the-art FNM Diesel engines, Mase Marine generators, and Thermowell Marine Air-conditioning.

Transform your boat into a vessel of excellence with Club Nautica Indonesia’s repowering/powering services. Contact us today to start your journey toward enhanced performance and passenger comfort on the open seas.

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